Signs You’re In An Abusive Relationship

Relationships taking such a dark abusive path can be difficult to overcome. Often, people don’t recognize that they are in an unhealthy relationship until significant emotional damage has been done. It’s important to see the signs and get out before more damage can be done. When someone is in an abusive relationship, whether mental or physical (or both), it’s hard to see the signs. Here a few signs that you may be in an abusive relationship:

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Common Law Marriage In Colorado

In Colorado, a common law marriage is one in which the couple lives together and holds themselves out to friends, family and the community as married, but never go through a formal ceremony or get a marriage license. In Colorado, a common law marriage requires that you live together, both have the legal right to marry, have the intention to marry and also, present yourself to the community as a married couple.

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What Is A Conservatorship?

A Conservatorship is established by the courts when a person is in need of a representative to act on their behalf for the purpose of protecting their financial well-being. Essentially, Conservators become in charge of a protected person’s assets. This includes managing finances, paying bills and making investment decisions.

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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is approaching and the kids are screaming – with excitement! We all love some thrills as the holiday season approaches but it’s important to remember that safety comes first when it comes to kids. If you’re planning on participating in some Trick-or-Treating this year, here are a few safety tips to remember:

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Your Lawyers Role In Family Planning

Engaged? Just married and getting ready to start a family? Divorced? This is a great time to organize your assets and prepare a Estate Plan for your growing family.  Meeting with a lawyer at this time is crucial to prepare for any unforeseen circumstances and protecting your assets.  A lawyer can help with family planning by:

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Should You Find An Attorney On The Internet?

The internet is amazing and has the power to link people to finding great legal help. However, it has the power to link people to unqualified professionals, who are hired by clients just because they are good digital marketers. For this reason, here are our tips on what role the internet should play in your decision on what attorney to hire.

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