4 Apps You Need to Know about if you have a Teenager at Home

The teenage years…. as if parenting wasn’t hard enough already.  This is a crucial time for kids to learn about making good decisions and taking responsibility.  It’s no secret that they will rebel, make at least bad choices and have their secrets. As a parent, it’s important to watch for any signs that may indicate self-harm, depression or isolation.  Here are some apps to be aware:

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How To Write A Will That Works For You

They’re many solutions nowadays to creating a Will.  Some of which don’t require you to even talk to anyone. However, a big perk to working with an attorney to assist with drafting a Will is that you have the opportunity to discuss and understand items that will almost certainly otherwise be overlooked. Here are a few examples:

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Easy Ways To Fit In Family Time With A Busy Schedule

Between after-school practice, work deadlines and maintaining some sort of social life it’s easy to only “spend time” with the family in the car in between destinations. Our schedules get hectic and as children get older they start to become their own. Spending time as a family is important so here a few easy ways to fit in some family time so your house doesn’t feel like you have a bunch of roommates.

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