Whether your former spouse or co-parent has failed to pay their child support obligation, you are having trouble obtaining documentation or possessions you were awarded in your divorce, or you wish to modify your current parenting time schedule, the experienced attorneys at Gendelman Law Group are here to assist you.

Though you may have received “permanent orders” from the Court in your separation, divorce, or custody case, often, life changes. Children mature, employment status changes, relocations take place, etc. Courts understand this. While litigants often try to plan for every contingency, there are many situations which would not ordinarily occur to you. If your life changes, so can the Court orders you may have received in the past.

Many post-decree cases require that you or your attorney proceed to motions practice, or filings with the court, to request various changes or amendments. Frequently, post-decree issues are hotly contested, as the parties have been unable to resolve the problem among themselves, and elect to return to court. You can benefit from vigorous representation, and protect yourself, your wallet, and your family.

Even if your case appears likely to settle in mediation, you should still ensure you are being fully protected throughout the process. Our attorneys have participated in numerous mediations sessions, and have received advanced training and experience in legal negotiation. That difference can mean countless dollars or days lost. Call Gendelman Law group at (720) 213-0687 or contact our attorneys by clicking here.