After spending years working for other law firms, Managing Partner, Laurence I. Gendelman, Esq., decided to fulfill the growing needs of young families seeking to plan for their future and protect their loved ones. We believe that everyone, regardless of financial wherewithal, should be able to protect the ones they love.

Too often, potential clients believe that their nest egg is too small to be worthy of protecting. Nonsense. At Gendelman Law Group, we are confident that we can offer Estate Planning solutions that meet your needs.

You are unique. Your estate plan should be too. There is no “one-size-fits-all” estate plan at Gendelman Law Group. Rather, we curate a custom, personalized estate plan that accomplishes your goals. There are several factors Gendelman Law group considers when working with clients to decide what types of estate planning documents make sense:

  • Could a Trust better effectuate the client’s goals?
  • Could probate avoidance provide a benefit to the client’s estate?
  • Could the client have a taxable estate?
  • Could the client’s estate become subject to probate in multiple states?
  • Could informal probate be an option?
  • Could the estate plan cause a member of the client’s family to lose government benefits or decrease their eligibility for financial aid for higher education?
  • Could the estate plan make the client ineligible for Medicaid?

These are just some examples of the questions that Gendelman Law Group considers when helping clients plan for their future.