Domestic violence occurs in the community, causing victims to experience abuse. This abuse can be financial, physical, emotional, and psychological.

It takes a tremendous amount of courage and services for a victim to remove themselves from an abusive situation. The attorney of Gendelman Law Group are committed to ending domestic violence in Denver. For this reason, Laurence I. Gendelman, Esq. serves as the Chair of Equity and Outreach for the Rose Andom Center’s Young Professionals Counsel. For information on how the Rose Andom Center can help victim’s of domestic violence and their families, click here.

Often, victims want or need a protection order to restrain their abusers from contacting them. Gendelman Law Group is proud to serve victims of domestic violence in finding their freedom. Call Gendelman Law group at (720) 213-0687 or contact our attorneys by clicking here.