Our Trust and Estate Practice works with families planning or or dealing with the realities of death and incapacity. Our Trust and Estate Practice includes the following practice areas: Estate Planning, Estate Administration, Trust Administration, Medical and Financial Powers of Attorney, Probate Litigation, Guardianships, Conservatorships, and Marital and Premarital Agreements.

Our Digital Asset Law Practice is a revolutionary practice, inspired by our increasing digital world. Our Digital Asset Law Practice includes Digital Asset Estate Planning, Digital Asset Trusts, Digital Asset Financial Powers of Attorney, Probate Litigation regarding Digital Assets, and the management and conservation of a person’s Digital Assets by a Conservator. Finally, this practice area includes working with Personal Representatives and Trustees discover, access, marshal, liquidate, and distribute the Digital Assets of their loved ones.

Our Family Law Practice works to ease the pain, distress, and uncertainly, which often accompany family law issues. Our Family Law Practice includes the following practice areas: Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce), Legal Separation, Post-Decree Issues, Civil Protection Orders, Domestic Violence Protection Orders, Same-Sex Family Law Issues, Interstate Custody Disputes, and Family Law Appeals.